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Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world


“Or” education is the key to opening the golden door of freedom the phrases of nelson mandela and george washington carver which perfectly reflect the transformative importance of acquiring knowledge but mandela or washington carver arent the only ones who postulated the importance of education thinkers presidents philosophers and brilliant minds such as einstein kennedy or aristotle throughout human history have also spoken of the importance of opening the mind to knowledge in order to be freer any person who reads a lot and uses his brain a little falls into lazy habits of thought -albert einstein- however the true power of education does not lie in the simple mechanical acquisition of knowledge his power establishes the ability to liberate reason nations and even access to happiness education changes lives.

Education changes lives

Affirming the true power of openness to new experiences that can change the world is one of the goals of the annual report prepared by unesco and named after education changes lives this report is published annually and reflects the progress in the education of children around the world at the moment the data is devastating with millions of boys around the world receiving no training for their entire lives however the goal pursued by unesco in this work is very ambitious they consider the millennium goal to ensure that all children in the world receive at least universal primary education the opportunity to complete at least one full cycle of education

Why Education

why education why are we repeating the unesco report this dossier is not only important to know the state of education of children around the world it also does important work reflecting the aspects that need to be included in the training in order to adapt to reality and serve the child according to the report the data is reflected in the fact that those mothers who did not receive any training and knowledge an increased risk of death as a result of childbirth in those countries where the level of education of the population is higher thanks to prevention especially mothers with higher levels of education achieve higher survival rates for their children childrens nutrition is improved by greater mothers education in the most educated and prepared societies the salaries of men and women are lower the level of education of mothers reflects the possibility of marriage at a more or less early age societies with the highest levels of education are more tolerant equitable education shows that national prosperity is higher and faster caring for the environment is also higher in societies with higher levels of education you educate a person and you educate a person youre raising a woman and youre raising a generation -brigham young- why is it important to teach.

Why is it important to teach?

As we can see from the unesco report education is the main task that directly affects the well-being of people societies and their ability to acquire high standards of living are directly related to the acquisition of knowledge and openness to new technologies history philosophy mathematics and other universal and necessary subjects but education cannot be stopped by the mere acquisition of technical knowledge in addition it must be accompanied by the ability to understand this should imply empathy solidarity generosity kindness love freedom happiness etc reality has shown that countries with greater solidarity and equality such as sweden finland iceland and even bhutan have a standard of living and the quality of life of their inhabitants much higher than in other poorly educated countries we need to know that on this ship called planet earth we are all on board making the world a more educated educated understanding and just society is the task of each of us hence the paramount importance of an equal and benevolent education that encourages us to think understand make critical judgments and be more empathetic and understanding

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