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Exercise for 20 minutes a day and easily shape your healthy posture!


Modern people are in a fast-paced life every day, facing various pressures in life, coupled with increasingly irregular eating habits, are your health okay?

Voltaire once said, “Life consists in motion.” With
some proper exercise, you can stimulate the brain and body and make them active, which can both relieve your stress and relax your mood. If you exercise regularly, you can not only improve your daily work and life status, but also regulate your body’s metabolic status, so that you have a healthy body and physique.

If you can set aside 20 minutes a day to do the following exercises, you are not far from a healthy and beautiful body.


Keep your feet shoulder-width apart while standing, raise the dumbbells with your hands, straighten your chest, keep your knees bent while tummy tuck and straighten your back, squatting your upper body to the ground until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground; Finally go back to where you were. 8~10 times per set.

Hip hinges

Keep your neck and spine aligned, tighten your abdomen, raise your dumbbells with both hands, and slowly lean your hips forward, keeping your palms facing down; Finally, use the muscles of the legs and hips to pull the body back into place. 4~8 times per set.

Dumbbell birds

To stabilize the spine, tuck the abdomen away, lean forward, lift the dumbbells to the sides of the body, hold them for a while, and then slowly lower the dumbbells. 6~8 times per set.


lie face down with your hands shoulder-level and place your body weight on your knees (easier push-ups) or toes (more challenging push-ups); Lift your body upwards and lower your body a few inches above the ground. 8~10 times per set.

Raise your legs after kneeling

Maintain a push-up position, placing your weight on your hands and toes; Tighten your abdomen to keep it aligned with your spine, then lift one leg off the ground and reach for the ceiling, holding it for a while before returning to the ground; Then repeat the same movement with the other leg. 6 times per set.


Lunge squat

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, take a step forward with your right leg, slowly bring your left knee closer to the floor, keep your right leg above your right heel, and hold your movement for a while when your left leg knee is a few inches off the ground; Finally, use the muscles on the back of your right leg to slowly pull your body back into place. 8~12 times per set.

Flat dumbbell bird

Lie face up on a platform or weight bench with your hands holding up dumbbells until your hands are at chest level; Then raise your knees to your chest and stay still; Finally, slowly extend your arms to your sides, squeeze your pectoral muscles, and return your arms to their original position. 8~12 times per set.

Scratch the surface

lying face up on a platform or weight platform; Raise your knees to your chest; Then, tighten your abdomen, keep your core steady, and lower one leg to the floor; Finally, touch the ground lightly with your toes and return to the original position, repeating the same movement with the other leg. 6~8 times per set.

Of course, we only provide exercise advice and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. So be sure to consult your doctor before you try a new medication, diet, fitness program, or healthcare method.

In daily life, simple and effective exercise can not only promote blood circulation, but also allow you to maintain a relaxed and stable mood, enhance your physique, and keep you energetic. Exercise reasonably so that you can always stay healthy and active, and have a healthy and beautiful body.

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