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Haisaiso is a very popular seafood dish in korea although the specific ingredients added to the pot vary from store to store in general various seafood such as crab squid shrimp octopus clams scallops clams mussels and vegetables such as celery onions and radishes are added so it is not only healthy and nutritious but also rich in color which is pleasing to the eye and an appetite it retains the original taste of various seafood and has a mellow and natural taste making it a great accompaniment to beer and korean shochu.

in addition to seafood soup restaurants that can often be found by the sea you can also enjoy this delicious korean cuisine in sightseeing areas such as myeongdong and dongdaemun in seoul seafood soup is generally divided into large 4 people medium 3 people and small 2 people and the clerk will be ready to serve it so dont worry when youre almost done you can add ramen udon or wrap it in vegetable leaves to experience authentic korean eating.

The clerk prepares the ingredients neatly

Seafood soup before cooking example

Add ramen or udon to transform into seafood noodles

Add rice to the remaining broth to make delicious fried rice

Spicy fish soup is very similar to seafood soup as the name suggests it is a spicy fish soup dish however spicy fish soup does not add as rich seafood ingredients as seafood soup but uses specific fish meat to cook into a soup in korea the leftovers of fish dishes are often used to make spicy fish soup where the sweetness of fish and vegetables is delicate generally when you buy a fish at a fish market you cook the meat and the prickly parts separately and if you pay a little extra for craftsmanship fees and other expenses at the restaurants in the market you can enjoy delicious spicy fish soup and at the same time.

Spicy fish soup made with black grouper (example)

Flower crab soup made with flower crab (example)

Can in general seafood soup and spicy fish soup cannot be enjoyed by one person however instead there is a casserole dish that specializes in one-person dishes and is called seafood casserole with abundant seafood and can be enjoyed at seafood soup specialty restaurants or set restaurants in you can also enjoy an abalone casserole dish with and octopus which is popular with overseas tourists and is very appetizing when served with soup.

Seafood casserole (example)

Abalone casserole (example)

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