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iPhone 15 release time and time to market price

Apple 15 release time early september 2023

Apple 15 launch time mid-to-late september 2023

Apple 15 price it is expected to continue the price of 13 and 14 starting from 5999 yuan

Apple iphone 14 a2884 128gb purple supports mobile power-up jd 599900 go to buy.

The iphone 15 will use a type-c interface the iphone 15 series will switch to type-c charging port for the first time which not only means that the iphone and android will finally establish a common mobile phone charging cable in the future but also a more important update in the history of mobile phones .

Iphone apple may also make such a decision because of certain eu regulations earlier the eu voted overwhelmingly 582 to 40 on the issue of unifying the interface of intelligent electronic devices in europe the advantage is better than apple and it is believed that whether it is a mobile phone tablet or notebook it should use the usb-c interface.

This also means that if apple does not accept this rule then there are only three options in front of apple the first is to change the interface of the iphone and ipad to usb-c the other is to leave it as it is but not sell it in europe the third is to cancel the interface on the iphone and use wireless technology all

The iphone 15 will be fully equipped with apples self-developed chip

As we all know according to some news we can see that the iphone 14 has already been launched in september of this year but some programs are not perfect at the moment they come with some data chips from samsung and we know that the iphone 15 is going to be released and he will match some of apples own processors at this time he will appear in the iphone 15 in 2023 you will find that he will use some of the chips he is equipped with at this time there may be some tsmc foundries and some better supply and mass production will be produced

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