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The hottest boutique mobile game recommendation ranking in 2022 Top10


Recently, I have seen many players on the Internet searching for the most popular, long-term playable, and female gamers on the Internet? Did you find it? If you find it, share it with me, I will share it with everyone. Today’s recommendation, although not perfect, is definitely a game worth trying, interested partners to take a look together.

1、 All people martial arts hall

The overall experience is good, the style of painting Q cute characters is diverse, the ointment is not pinched, draw cards out of fragments, I personally don’t like it very much, because fragmented heroes are difficult to get, although the explosion rate is very high, but the premise is to have an ingots drawn, right, I recommend a wish draw, every day you can pre-select a hero you want to draw (of course, you can only draw once a day, and you can draw this hero again after cooling for 2 days, otherwise the game will become simpler) This is my more ideal game. Because there are many heroes in the game, it is inevitable that the withdrawal will be crooked and you don’t need, right, this is my opinion, the game is good, keep going!

2、 Crossfire, the king of gunfights

“Crossfire: The King of Gunfight” is a CF genuine first-person shooter mobile game produced by Tencent Games, as a national competitive mobile game, the game perfectly inherits the quality and gameplay of the PC side, and also for the operation characteristics of the mobile phone, the 300 million mouse gun battle dream continues to the mobile phone, refreshing feeling, allowing players to experience the ultimate shooting fun and the blood of competitive confrontation anytime, anywhere, and play together if it is fun.

3、 Taoist friends, please stay

The overall style of the game is a little cute, and with this fairy style theme, it is also quite attractive. Enter the game and follow the guide, the plot production did not attract me, I have been doing the main line upgrade in the early stage, and there is no pressure for new player benefits are quite a lot, sent me a lot of fairy pens, drew Zhenyuan Daxian and Jin Shizi Ya, and then fought and combined skills, which was quite a surprise. This game can also chat with friends across servers, which is also more fun, but the interaction with other players is still quite low, and there are not many team copies. The various props needed for upgrading can also be obtained in the experience, such as traveling around the world can be carried out automatically, but the interface is so simple that I hope it can be done more exquisitely. The early stage of the main line battle can not be directly skipped to affect the experience, the upgrade delays a lot of time, I hope to optimize it. This kind of card cultivation game still has to rely on time to cultivate, now there are new activities, can engage in the creation of Nuwa’s illusion fairy, quite good, the illusion fairy is still quite difficult to draw, I hope this kind of activity can get more. The overall is not bad, I hope to optimize the plot production and character background in the future.

4、 Mobile Squad Battle

“Mobile Team Battle” is an original two-dimensional mecha real-time combat mobile game developed and produced by the Principality of the Game, bringing together famous Chinese, Japanese and Korean artists and well-known voice actors in China and Japan to participate in the production, and also invited well-known musician Hiroyuki Sawano to serve as the OP, ED, BGM soundtrack, and the famous animation director and mechanical designer Masaki Ojo is responsible for the mechanical and PV animation supervision.

5、 Hanjia rivers and lakes

Hanjia Jianghu is a martial arts RPG mobile game, with a variety of faces to create a personalized warrior, high freedom and vast rivers and lakes waiting for you to wander, strategy battle online gameplay is full of fun. This is a ‘legend of the group’ with many partners and famous men, not only well-known historical figures such as the heroic young Xin Jiu Jiao, the blood-spattered peach blossom fan Li Xiangjun, but also the beautiful peach blossom fairy and the dashing hero.

6、 Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Link

“Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Link” is an official genuine mobile game developed by KONAMI and exclusively represented by NetEase. In the world of Duel Links, avatar Dark Games or Kaima Seto; Build unique decks with up to thousands of cards; Summon powerful monsters such as the Black Magic Guide and the Blue-Eyed White Dragon; There is also a stunning 3D summoning animation that perfectly recreates the summoning scene in memory!

7、 Clone Wars

The popular American hardcore card game overseas is here! “Clone Wars” is a post-apocalyptic wasteland style card game, funny art style, cool skill technology, take you into a different clone world! Here, you can clone all kinds of historical heroes, celebrities and more, Julius Caesar VS Queen Elizabeth, Emperor Wu VS Dracula, Bruce Lee VS Cleopatra. Smash Bros! Only the unthinkable, not impossible, come and summon your own clone hero! Destroy the evil clone biochemical legion!

8、 A dream

The era of building the big world of “One Dream Rivers and Lakes” has begun, live next to NPCs, and build a home with friends! Themed mansions appeared, nightclubs, bathhouses, barbecue houses… Build your own exclusive business district; Four seasons system launched, boundless fallen leaves, golden fields… Enjoy the autumn scenery together; The first multi-person interpretation server, the young heroes of the drama settled in collectively, and played the jianghu road together!

9、 Call me the big treasurer

Call Me is an ancient business simulation game with beautiful ink graphics and thick painted characters that will take you back to ancient times. In the game, the player comes to Bianliang as a novice dispenser to work hard, meet all the strange people, recruit them as doormen, and work together to operate the business; Through hard work and hard work, he eventually became a businessman who was alone and wealthy.

10、 Walking Master

Walk Master is a fun cartoon-style simulation adventure game. In the game, players need to travel through forests and farms to become masters of walking, and test the player’s skills and operations in walking, which can improve people’s acuity.

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