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Gift suggestions that can be given to employees


You are a businessman, which means that you are aware that without the dedication, experience and professionalism of your employees, the company would have suffered quite a lot. Therefore, it is good that from time to time, on the occasion of the big holidays, or maybe on the occasion of special moments in the company to offer them a small gesture of your appreciation. It is not at all wrong to give gifts to employees, and in the lines below we will try to talk to you a little about this aspect.

What is meant by corporate gifts

Surely you have heard of corporate gifts, but nevertheless you do not know what would be appropriate to be included in this category. Specialists believe that they start from the classic ones – writing instruments with your company’s logo, and go all the way to luxury watches with the initials of the recipient of the gift inscribed on them. In fact, it is said that if the person who is going to receive that gift occupies a more important place in the hierarchy of employees, the more valuable the gift must be. Or, maybe you prefer another option, the one that says that all corporate gifts must be directly proportional to the profit and volume of sales. But it is best to see what our suggestions are and where you could get inspired with confidence.

Calendars and agendas, classic but always at hand

Surely, by far, the most well-known and most given gifts given to employees, business partners or even customers refer to calendars, diaries and writing tools. There is nothing wrong with them, because they are very useful, and they are always very appreciated. But to get a little out of this monotony, you can opt for customizing them a little funnier. Otherwise, they are perfect for the fact that they are not very expensive, so you can buy in large quantity when you get a good offer and ready, the problem is half solved.

Promotional items

There are a lot of items that can be inscribed with your company’s logo and even the motto of your company and that lend themselves to being used as corporate gifts. These start from the classic ones, such as pens, lighters, mugs, holders for writing instruments, staplers, perforators, or you can raise the stakes a little and opt for some more luxury products, such as watches, phone covers, pendants, support boxes for business cards and much more.

Gift baskets

Lately, they are increasingly popular, and it is also normal to be so since everyone appreciates them. There are cheap gift baskets that do not cost much, but in no case can you catalog them as poor quality ones. You can also personalize them according to the good leave, and on the occasion of the big holidays, they are considered to be the perfect corporate gift. They are suitable to be offered both to employees, as well as to business partners or more important customers. Obviously, the products in them will be different, but in each of them you can sneak an agenda, a pen or other promotional items. Eventually a card written by hand, with a few lines from the heart and signed will bring added value to your gift.

Gift cards or vouchers

Although they may not be that personal, this kind of corporate gifts are still appreciated by those who receive them. Employees especially appreciate them very much, because in this way they have the opportunity to purchase, at a much lower price, certain products they need. Also, a voucher or a subscription to the gym or to the SPA where to relax after a difficult year, full of challenges, can only be welcome.


They are a traditional gift, but they are of great effect, every time. Your employees will be really excited to receive something like this on the occasion of their birthdays or certain holidays. They are also a good way to wish a sincere welcome to the new employee. In addition, they are a great fit to be offered for customers or business partners, with the mention that now you will give exotic plants and something more expensive. But beware, you know that flowers have a certain meaning, so be careful that their symbolism does not leave room for misinterpretations. If you are afraid of making mistakes, you better give them up than your message is misunderstood.

Personalization is the key to success

There are many more corporate gift ideas, and we have presented you with only a few of them. Which you have to keep in mind is that there is one thing that makes them perfect, and that’s not necessarily about their price. It’s about personalizing them, the one that gives them more soul. It is one thing to receive, say, a gift basket from the management of the company, and another is to be offered the same gift, but inside there is a greeting card in which even the big boss wrote a few words, especially for you! You get the idea, didn’t you? Moreover, gift baskets have the great advantage that they can be personalized most easily, the products in them are always to the liking of those who receive them and, in addition, you can order them in advance, so that they arrive exactly when they are needed. Whether they are filled with traditional, luxury or gourmet products, they are always successful and you can not fail with them!

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