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Special occasions – when you can use the flower


Flowers have accompanied us since the beginning of time being one of the first life forms on earth they have been with us over millions of years of evolution they were here long before us and will be here long after we are goneflowers have accompanied us since the beginning of time being one of the first life forms on earth they have been with us over millions of years of evolution they were here long before us and will be here long after we are goneflowers are present in every aspect of human life they are offered as gifts to celebrate births marriages and anniversaries they are used to decorate our homes and offices they are so present even in wars as a way to show respect for the fallen on dutyflowers play an important role in our culture they are prominently presented in plays and operas they are used in music and painting i am a symbol of love hope and beautya bouquet of flowers is more than a simple bundle of flowers it is a collection of perfumes and colors that awaken memories emotions and unique states in us when we give or receive a bouquet of flowers we offer or receive a piece of history a part of nature and a part of ourselveshere are 3 occasions when a bouquet of flowers is a must-have.

1. On the occasion of Birthday

Surely the joy brought by a bouquet of flowers can not be matched by any other gift and when it comes to birthday gifts nothing conveys better feelings and good wishes than flowers offering a bouquet of vibrant flowers is a chance to show the birthday boy how well you know him do they prefer bold and colorful arrangements or subtle and elegant ones are there certain flowers that have a special meaning for them or maybe you want to choose flowers that evoke a fond memory the smell of the bouquet of peonies at your first meeting or the view of the fields of tulips on a summer tripwhatever your choice offering a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of your birthday will certainly bring a smile to the face of your loved one and add an extra touch of personality to the holiday in addition unlike traditional gifts which eventually fade flowers provide continuous joy since they brighten our space and bring them delight with each flowering the next time you think about what to offer on the occasion of a birthday consider a floral gift it is definitely the fastest way to get to the heart of the birthday girl

2. On Valentine’s Day

for thousands of years flowers have been the link between man and woman they have witnessed amazing love stories on valentines day nothing can rival a bouquet of flowers the pungent fragrance and natural colors open the way directly to the heart of the beloved womanflowers are both a symbol of the love that exists between two people and a memory of many precious moments that have been shared togetherin ancient rome it was customary for a bouquet of violets to be given as a sign of fidelity today we continue to express our emotions through flowers and their symbolism remains just as strong so on valentines day its time to let the flowers do the talking.

3. when a baby makes an appearance in the world

when a child comes into the world it is a reason for joy in the whole family a new life has made its appearance in the family hall and everyone is eager to get to know the little one one of the common habits is to offer the mother a bouquet of flowers to express our joy and deep feelings about the coming into the world of the little onefor girls we could offer bouquets of pink peonies or lilies for boys we could offer blue roses or daisies we believe that these flowers represent new beginnings and are a way of celebrating the arrival of a newborn in the world.

4. on the occasion of the parents visit

nothing compares to the joy of seeing your loved ones again after a long time and what better way to show your joy than offering a bouquet of flowers whether it is a birthday a birthday christmas or easter flowers always bring the same unparalleled joy to see the happiness on your parents faces when they receive a floral arrangement from you is truly invaluablethrough the flower delivery option in bucharest you have the assurance that when you order bouquets of flowers online they reach the door of your loved ones within 3 hours from the moment of placing the orderwhen you are looking for a way to make your loved ones feel special and appreciated give them the gift of flowers it will surely bring a smile to their faces and fill their hearts with joy.

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